[solved] Need help with blender addons config folders sync

Hi everyone ! I’m using syncthing between 2 linux machines (Fedora, master server and Ubuntu, slave server) and since I’m newly getting used to syncthing, I’m getting a bit confused into how to do what I need in that particular case : I want to share my blender addons folder in Fedora (without changes to this folder) to the blender addons folder in the Ubuntu machine (this one can accept changes). Am i supposed to share both these folders in each machine, with “send only” option in the fedora machine ? It seems to work as expected but it feels a bit redundant and I can see twice the same folder in syncthing in each machine ?

Syncthing is bidirectional mostly, so I am not sure this will do what you want. Send only will not enforce it’s state on the remote Ubuntu device, it will just refuse to accept any changes from Ubuntu, but if Ubuntu makes any modifications, they will not be reverted.

You only need one folder, one marked as send only on one side, and other as send receive on the other side.

That must be a world record for the fastest answer. Thank you ^^. That will do, since I don’t planned to make any changes directly from the ubuntu machine (while the fedora one is always under some modifications). Thank you again for your fast answer.


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