[SOLVED] How to fix out of sync?


I have three boxes syncing a folder. One of them show 4 files out of sync. How do I get the files back in sync?

All three systems are running 12.6, two Linux and one OSX. The OSX system is showing out of sync, but no conflicts.

Thanks, Gerald

Did you set up ignores on the node which is out of sync? If so, that is the reason it is out of sync.

If you ignore files on one box but not the other(s), the other(s) will scan that files and add them to the global index. The box with the ignores gets the index and does not download that files, so it is out of sync.

This will probably be changed when the new ignore system will be implemented.

Also,check for failed items.


Nope, no ignores. The out of sync files are active documents I am working on.


My failed items on the web interface is just a ‘busy’ indicator.

If I hit rescan all, all my shared folders on that one box show stopped.

Found the issue. My fault. The OSX disk is full. Oops.

Thanks for your help.


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