[SOLVED] Grey background for code is barely visible

I’m not sure if something has changed, or it is only my eyes :sweat_smile:, but the grey background used for code seems to be barely distinguishable from the background. This is the case at least when using the light theme, as I haven’t tried the dark one.



when used separately like that is kind of OK, but when used in the text, e.g.


it is basically invisible without looking carefully. This is both on a decent IPS screen, and also on a cheap TN one. On the latter the supposed grey background is actually displayed almost as white.

Would it be possible to darken the background to something similar to the grey colour used in the header for the “Welcome to the Syncthing discussion forum…” message, or maybe the one used for code in the Docs?

I reset some of the previously tweaked forum styles to defaults while fixing up the dark theme. I re-tweaked some of them now in a still dark mode compatible way.

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I wonder whether it would be possible to make the background of code blocks also the same grey colour as inline code…

At the moment, this is basically displayed as white, at least on the laptop screen that I’m using currently (which is actually IPS, although worn out).