[Solved] Frequently changed files => stuck Out of sync


I already opened a topic on this (“Out Of Sync after pausing”) but since then the pausing has been removed. But anyway, since I changed to 0.9, the problem remains, making Syncthing not usable for me anymore.

I tried to reproduce the issue with this script: st_test.sh (353 Bytes)

On a small repo, no problem (at least after 20min). On a big repo (1,8GiB, ~6000 files), after 15min, no updates are pushed. The lastest update was at 18:26. Please find the log here:log_st3.txt (84.7 KB) Node_A is receiving from Node_B where the script is running.

Thanks for the great effor on Synchting and let me know if more info is needed.


What does it say on the other side?

I updated to 0.9.10 and tried to reproduce it. The problem never came up again. I don’t know what solved it exactly.

I did some tests and now 0.9.x is working for me and is clearly better than 0.8.x (less RAM especially).