[Solved] Docker - Timestamps - Console vs Webif

First time I’ve installed the syncthing/syncthing docker container, on an Opemnediavault NAS. OMV have dropped their Syncthing plugin so docker is the recommended way to install Syncthing.

  • In Syncthing’s log, times are -2hours compared to my timezone.
  • In Syncthing’s home web interface, times are correct (i.e. Last Scan … ).

Things I’ve checked :

  • I’ve added TZ=Europe/Brussels to the container’s ENV.
  • On the host OS (openmediavault), time & timezone are set correctly.

What else can I check to get the timestamps consistent ?

-2 what?

-2 hours, sorry. I corrected OP.

Probably the container doesn’t have any time zone definitions so Europe/Brussels doesn’t mean anything to it. In the presence of a working time zone setup Syncthing does show times in the local time zone, whatever it is.

Edit: Yeah:

% docker run -it --rm --entrypoint /bin/sh syncthing/syncthing
/ # TZ=Europe/Brussels date
Sat May 16 09:27:41 UTC 2020

The container is based on the official syncthing/syncthing:latest image.

How to verify the absence of timezone defs in the container?

I just did, above. An apk add tzdata in the container fixes it. Probably we should add that to the container build. Or we can suggest that everyone runs their servers in the one true server time zone :slight_smile:

Fixed for the future.

I see what you did there :nerd_face:

It’s just that I was comparing this new install to an existing Windows install and noticed the difference in the logging.

Either way : Thank you for the life-saving tool, guys !

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