Solved: Crash when removing paused folders -> next rc


For a folder:
Click Pause
Click Edit
Click Remove
Syncthing instantly crashes.
After starting up, the folder is still there. Paused.
Click Edit
Click Remove
Syncthing instantly crashes.

The folder can not be removed unless it is started again.
This problem happens on all platforms I have in use (macOS 10.12, Win10, debian Stretch, debian Wheezy, QNAP NAS). I have no Android phone to test.

Is that just me, or can anybody confirm that?
A test is supersimple: Create a new folder (accept Syncthings defaults). Pause. Edit. Remove.
Has Syncthing crashed?
The folder does not have to be shared, have any entries, whatever. But if there are no files in it, it will be removed just before the crash.

See issue tracker for closed issues, it’s fixed in the rc


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