[SOLVED] Changing listening port

So I wanted to change the listening port of Syncthing. It works well when I go to localhost:newport, but I can’t connect to web ui with http://mynoipaddress:mysyncthingport

I forwarded the port, and I have different services running on custom ports, say btsync which I would like to switch from. I can go to http://mynoipaddress:mybtsyncport and it works well, but no luck with Syncthing…is it something with Syncthing or my router?

If you set the (GUI) listening address to localhost:1234 you will only be able to connect to it from localhost (this is the default, for security reasons). If you set it to :1234 (no IP address) you will be able to connect from anywhere.

Ah, that was easy. Thanks

Is there a way to do that at startup time with binary?

You can edit the configuration file.

Is the listening port the same port for data transfers?

EDIT: It’s seems to me that listening == transfer port is. Isn’t it? That’s good, so it’s easy to setup QoS in the router :wink:

It is not by default…this is my config.xml

<gui enabled="true">
        <address>:9092</address> # I set this, default was 8080 I think
        <listenAddress>:50001</listenAddress> # Also custom, it was 20k something

There are two different “listening” ports; one for data transfers, and where syncthing expects connections from other nodes (22000 by default) and one for the GUI (8080).

That’s three, isn’t it?

  1. data transfers
  2. connections from other nodes
  3. the WebGUI

But in config are only two, as developej posted.

Numbers one and two are the same.

Ah, ok. Thanks, for response…

Maybe there is a better text in the WebGUI than “Sync Protocol Listen Addresses” ? Bad proposal: “Sync Protocol Listen/Transfer Addresses” or “Sync Protocol Listen&Data Addresses” or something…

Other question, related to this: The default address is just ":22000" Is this not the same as “” which IMHO is clearer to understand???

I think “data transfer” is implied by “sync protocol”, and the fact that there’s nothing else to choose in there. :slight_smile:

Yes, is the same as :22000.

Then i would prefer to insert “” instead of “:22000” because it’s IMHO more common, isn’t it?

EDIT: i created https://github.com/calmh/syncthing/pull/216 (Sorry for two commits, i can just now only use github online)

(Pull request accepted)

I hadn’t really reflected on :22000 being an unusual syntax, Go damage I guess. The change is fine by me.

Btw. I love how your pull requests come through with the branch name “Jedi Master”… :wink: