[SOLVED] Automatic Restart on Deadlock Panic

So, while waiting for a way to get more panic logs, I still need the service to continue running and syncing.

I am currently running Syncthing from a terminal like this

STDEADLOCKTIMEOUT=600 ./syncthing -no-restart

Question: How do I run it so that it automatically restarts every time there’s a deadlock panic?

Link to the other issue…

You remove the -no-restart parameter, as that tells it to not restart, much like you’d expect from what the parameter is called. :wink:

But really, once you have one good trace that’s enough. Apparently, however, the latest released version has neutered panic traces. If you could use the latest development snapshot instead (linked at the top of the page) that would be good.

Ah. Thanks.

I can try the dev snap. Will the other machines using 0.14.7 be able to sync?

Update: There doesn’t seem to be a build for macosx.

Yes, they’re all compatible. The Mac build is linked a little to the right of the other build at the top of the page.

There is also an envvar that can be set to force to print all routines.

Found it. Running the dev build. Hopefully i’ll have something tomorrow (it’s 8pm here and everyone’s gone home)

I’m gonna mark this as solved and resume the conversation in the other thread. Thanks!

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