[Solved] "Add new device" from the router's IP

Hello people !

I’ve just got an “Add new device” notification on my Syncthing on Synology, from the IP of my router.

Is it normal ?

No, unless you have some sort of proxy setup or syncthing actually running on the router.

Nope, none of these.

I have a router running DD-WRT. Not very skilled for all those proxy-things (and not enough time right now to read tutos). I didn’t even know that Syncthing could run on a router :flushed:

I’ve declined the invite, but I’d just like to understand what is going on…

Are you sure it was the routers ip and not some ip on the lan? You need to inspect the device with the ip to answer your question.

Yes, I’m sure.

Most of my devices have fixed IP, the router first. I was so surprised that I scanned the network for connected devices to make sure everything is fine, and it’s still the router’s IP.

Also worth noting that the invite has been showing up only on the Synology Syncthing instance. Nothing on Windows or Android so far.

if you have device id you can try looking it up on the globalann server to see where it is.

Hmmm… Sorry to bother you, I’ve done a quick search through the forum, in vain. Could you please give me a link to how to what a global lan server is and look up a device ID?

Global announcement server is the global discovery server.You’d need to build this:

form source to be able to find the device, or you can just PM me the device ID and I will tell you the IP it was registering for discovery.

Hello !

(Sorry for replying so late, was “off the grid”.)

After a thorough research, the ID was that of my wife’s Android phone (I’ve forgotten that I had installed a client for her). But why it appears with the router’s IP is still unknown. On the home network, the phone as another (dynamic) IP, whereas the router’s is static.

Anyway, issue +/- closed. Thanks for the support.