SOCKS5 proxy setup

In this thread we have the announcement that Syncthing v0.12.0 “Beryllium Bedbug” has proxy support. How would we make those proxy settings on a Windows machine?

You’d set an environment variable on Windows. Consult the OS manual on how to do that.

I know where to set Environment Variables. Do I create a new Syncthing variable? I’m not clear what variable would be required to get Syncthing to use my proxy.

Exactly as it says in the thread, ALL_PROXY=socks5://

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Oops. Missed that. Thank you very much.

I made a Variable name of ALL_PROXY with a Variable value of socks5:// Syncthing seems to recognize that.

(If you’re using SyncTrayzor, there’s a section in the settings where you can specify environmental variables)

Be wary of ALL CAPS. That didn’t work properly. I needed to use all_proxy as the variable name to get it to work.

I am using SyncTrayzor 1.0.29 but didn’t see the Environment Variables in any of the Settings.

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File -> Settings -> Syncthing -> Advanced -> Syncthing Environmental Variables.

Thanks. I didn’t see that option. It works just as well as setting the Environment Variables directly in Windows (except easier :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

Yep, except that it only applies to the Syncthing process, not everything.

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