so i first installed syncthing ...then i deleted that folder to install synctrazor now im getting error

INFO: syncthing v1.18.1 “Fermium Flea” (go1.16.6 windows-amd64) 2021-07-30 12:41:57 UTC [start] 05:05:35 WARNING: Failed to initialize config: config file version (37) is newer than supported version (35). If this is expected, use -allow-newer-config to override.

This is a known issue. In short, you need to replace the old syncthing.exe executable with the newer version. Please try searching the forum for “SyncTrayzor” (or just check the SyncTrayzor’s issue tracker on GitHub) and you will quickly find detailed steps on how to do this.

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Here is the information you need:

The issue is that SyncTrayzor currently bundles a very old version, which doesn’t have the improved auto-update yet.

You had a recent version of syncthing running, but when you installed SyncTrayzor it “downgraded” your syncthing version, which will now refuse to start. You can either clear all syncthing settings, by deleting the config folder, or manually upgrade the syncthing.exe shipped with SyncTrayzor.

Possible solutions (one of these should do):

  1. The syncthing.exe normally used by SyncTrayzor is stored in %AppData%\SyncTrayzor. You can try manually updating the binary (any recent version from GitHub will do)
  2. Open a terminal in %AppData%\SyncTrayzor and try running syncthing -upgrade
  3. Delete everything in %LOCALAPPDATA%/Syncthing (This will reset everything)

You should Definitely do #1. Just use the .exe you previously downloaded.

Here is the link to the thread in the forum: Can’t Start Syncthing

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