snap feature request - use `~/.config/syncthing`

I installed syncthing from because version that comes with Ubuntu is terribly outdated - still 1.1.4 - and doesn’t work with my other devices.

However, the snap version creates its own /home/techtonik/snap/syncthing/common/syncthing/config.xml which does not persist after removing syncthing.

For the snap version I’d appreciate the option to reuse config in ~/.config/synthing using the command like sudo snap set syncthing homeconfig=true as documented in

Right now it is not implemented for snap version of syncthing 1.4.0.

$ sudo snap set syncthing homeconfig=true
error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Run configure hook of "syncthing" snap (snap "syncthing" has no "configure" hook)


I you want improvements on snaps, you most likely need to do it yourself. None of the core devs is invested in snap and we just provide it because it works - to a degree as you’ve discovered.

Who is maintaining

I think that’s by the Syncthing project through - contributions welcome (you can infer the level of my involvement through the “I think” modifier).

Switched to version and got folder marker missing error. Had to “remove” the folder in this instance of syncthing (good that it was fully synced) and then on other untick and tick share box to share it again.

Accessing dotfiles in the home directory is explicitly impossible from a snap, and counter to the idea of a snap, unless something changed recently.

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It is not even possible to explicitly specify the config scope? Then what are the proposed solutions to persist user configs between reinstalls? I hope Ubuntu doesn’t mean to move everything to their cloud.

No idea, I’m not a snap user.