Smartphone protocol version perceived from laptop as 0.13 on latest apk

This is the issue, from my laptop with windows 10 32bit, after adding correctly the device(smartphone), this advice pop-up, which is wrong because on smartphone I have installed the latest apk with the protocol version 0.13.7. Does you have mis-implemented the check-in versioning? How can I make syncing work?

The error says exactly what is wrong, the latest android version has syncthing v0.13.7 which is incompatible with v0.14. You either wait until there is a android version with v0.14 or downgrade your laptop to v0.13.10.

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See Nutomic’s answer in

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mine automatically upgraded to the 14 so now nothing gets sync… now i don’t know how to downgrade the desktop

How did you install Syncthing?

If you are running a debian based system:

apt-cache showpkg <package-name> lists all available versions

Then pick the second last one…

I will check the version number when I get home.

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So for me on Ubuntu I ran apt-cache showpkg syncthing

Then picked the last 0.13 version available, 0.13.10, and ran sudo apt-get install syncthing=0.13.10

Now to prevent it from updating next time you do a system update run sudo apt-mark hold syncthing

To release the hold once android catches up run sudo apt-mark unhold syncthing

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Let us hope that the Android version is updated promptly.

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I installed via synctrayzor and I have no idea how to downgrade it.

Delete C:\Users\<You>\AppData\Roaming\SyncTrayzor\syncthing.exe and restart. It will restore the version that it shipped with.

It’s explained in the README, although in the context of upgrading, rather than downgrading.


The downgrade is not required anymore.