Small issue getting Syncthing to autostart

Hi I have been experimenting with the setup of Mate 18.04 and with Syncthing. I have two Mate 18.04 installs, a clean one with no alterations and only Syncthing added and another (currently in use) which I have spent some time organising and loading a number of applications. I used Software Boutique to load Syncthing on both drives and then in both drives I went to Control Centre>Personal>Startup Applications and added Synthing to the startup list. I now have the clean 18.04 install auto-starting on boot but I cannot get the other (in use) system to auto-start.
Also, in the clean install (before it was auto-starting) I could start Syncting simply by typing syncthing in the terminal, however the only way I can get Syncthing to run on this system is to start it in the terminal with sudo syncthing Hopefully there are some ideas/suggestions as to why the two Mate 18.04 systems are behaving in such a different manner.

Any suggestions welcome;


We can only recommend using systemd as that’s the system we support. There are a ton of linux distributions under the sun, and we can’t support all of them,soit’s best if you ask the question on the forums of the distribution in question.

Instead of downloading through package manager download the binary file.

Put below in /home/USER/.profile

nohup /home/USER/syncthing /dev/null 2>&1&

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