Slow transfer speed


I currently use syncthing to synchronize a directory between my seedbox and my NAS. I have a gigabit fiber connection.

through syncthing I download about 3 mb / s, whereas with the latest version before I was 8 mb / s.

Also, if I log in sftp and I get the same file my seedbox to my nas I’m 40 mb / s.

have you any idea why the connection is too slow?

thanks in advance.

Define which versions exactly you are talking about, in regards to the slow down.

The transfer speed is heavily dependant on the CPU (due to encryption) not the link speed. sftp is written in C and therefore the encryption part is potentially more optimized, as well as it might be using different encryption algorithms to start with.

What latency do you have between the nodes?

There are some settings you might be able to tweak which might make it go faster.

Also terms NAS, seedbox etc have very little meaning, as it’s not clear what hardware capabilities they have. Some people call a portable drive with a ethernet port a NAS.

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