Slow Transfer Speed...please help

Hello , i am new here and also with syncthing i finally set my server side and remote side and they are both working ,thanks to this community but i had one problem. the transfer speed is too slow i had 200mbs/download and 284mbps/upload then the remote side is also the same speed as mine i do not have any downloading or uploading applications in the background , but syncthing i wonder why it is so slow some times the maximum peak it reach is 5MiB/upload then the remote side is also 5/MiB download . please help me with my issue

You have blanked the important part here, which is the address. We need to know whether the devices are connected directly or rather through QUIC or a relay. If it’s a relay, then transfer speeds may be significantly slower. The type of connection will be written in the pop-up when you hover over the address, so please at least show or write down what is displayed there.

Also, you seem to sync a lot of files. If they are small files, then it is normal that transfer speed is much slower in comparison to syncing a small number of very large files.

Also, you seem to have disabled nat traversal, which is the thing that tries really hard to get a good direct connection.

Advise you keep the defaults as they are, they are defaults for a reason (optimal settings), unless you really know what you are doing.

its all good now sir , i already found out what happened , thank you

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