Slow transfer speed, even on dedicated server

Hey there. Am having a problem in Sync thing on a dedicated server. Said server can upload at well over 1 MB/s using bt sync 1.3.109 to the same machines. With sync thing, it’s sending to nodes at around 300 KB/s even with relaying disabled, UPNP enabled on the router and even DMZ enabled on one machine. Am I doing anything wrong here or is this the sacrifice in speed for on the go incription? I’m running windows on both server and other clients, disabled windows firewall on everything. There is about 100,000 plus files in this folder with various folders seperating them. Should I increase the scan interval on the server? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Said server has a xeon W3530 and is sitting around 4% load at the moment after the folder has been initially scanned, with spikes up to 13% or so every once in a while. Any help is greatly appreciated. PS: Please let me know if this isn’t formatted right. As a blind user I won’t really be able to tell. I’m using the return key but sometimes it doesn’t register as a paragraph on forums. thanks

What’s on the other side? That Xeon should be able to push at least a few tens of megabytes/s with our encryption and so on - it does for me at least with similar CPUs. So remaining bottlenecks could be the device on the other side, or possibly some network rate limiting that affects us but not btsync (TCP vs. UDP for example).

(You need two returns, i.e. a blank line, to get a paragraph break here but your question is perfectly legible as is.)

If you have many small files, the overhead of managing them can have a performance impact. How many and what size files are we talking about?

Also, remember that transfer speed is a product of both sides. So the fact that you have a supercomputer on one side means nothing, if the computer on the other side is a calculator.

Also, what is the latency between the machines?

You might also want to increase the number of pullers in the advanced config for that folder.

Hi, My machine here at home is a core i7-3720 QM. The other machine is a core i7-4700HQ. The files range from a few hundred KB in size to maybe 30 or 40 MB.

The average ping time I’m getting is around 130 MS, but this is also factoring in I’m currently uploading. One thing I forgot to mention is that both machines are only sharing this folder with the server, and not each other - my theory was that since the server has the quicker internet, no reason to make both of our internet connections upload to each other when the server, in theory at least, is perfectly capable of doing this.

How would I change the number of pullers in the folder? What exactly would that do?

That would increase number of requests for data in flight, which should help fight latency, in case latency is the problem. You can also increase number of copiers, which means we’d start downloading multiple files at a time.

You change the number of pullers/copiers by going into Actions -> Advanced -> Folder “XYZ” and modifying pullers and copiers parameters.

Increased pullers to 64. Copiers is at 20 and doesn’t seem to be making a difference at all.

How long does it take to index? Could it just be doing that? I know bt sync can take a while to figure out what each client has but again, the machine at home has none of the files so it shouldn’t take this long if that is indeed what it’s doing.

Is there a logfile I can throw your way to maybe identify the issue?

It’s all relative to the amount of data you have. If no files have been transferred, it’s potentially still performing the initial scan.

I’m receiving files, just very, very slowly.

For instance, it’s been going since yesterday at 8 PM. It’s now 8:44 PM which is nearly 25 hours later and it’s only at 20 GB transfered out of 341.

Really not sure what to do at this point.

Try setting up a test bed, with a single 1GB file, and see what sort of speeds you are getting.

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