Slow Transfer Rate

The transfer rate is less than 350 kbps even though I should have 20/20 mb/s. The devices are connected directly passing through an IPSEC tunnel.

Can anyone suggest the reason for Syncthing not able to use the unused bandwidth

Check CPU/disk usage on the other side?

Hello …Thanks for your reply.

I have attached the details for the other side

Try doing a test with a single large file.

I tried. I had the same issue. Any other suggestions ?

Try not using the tunnel, and setup port forwards?

Can you please let me know how to set port forward using syncthing ?

In fact for testing purposes, i can bypass the VPN tunnel. But it’s necessary that I use the tunnel in real production

Port forwarding happens on the gateway, not syncthing. The docs explain this. If you are directly connected to the internet, perhaps you don’t need forwarding and can just disable the tunnel.

Sure that was a silly question from me. Yes port forwarding must be done on the router. NO , i must use the VPN tunnel

Well test without the tunnel to rule out it being the problem, otherwise all I can do is point at the tunnel.

Ok. I will connect to the public IP of the other device, thus bypassing the VPN tunnel

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