Slow synchronization on a LAN

I am synchronizing files between a Windows 10 machine and a Syncthing container on a Linux server. Both machines are connected via a 1 Gbps wired link. Connectivity to other docker containers is very fast (between containers, LAN ←→ containers, Internet ←→ containers).

I get however only ~1 Mbps of synchronization speed


I would like to troubleshoot this, where is it best to look for indication of something not correctly set up? (I work in IT, if this helps)

I checked FAQ — Syncthing documentation, but none of the hints apply, this is why I am looking for some more in-depth checks.

You have a metric shit-ton of teensy-tiny files. The bottleneck becomes disk syncing and database I/O, not network. There shoulf be multiple topics around here with more in depth discussion of why and which workarounds can improve things.

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Yes, this is mostly node_modules (a nightmarish heap of files from JavaScript). I added a top-level .stignore with node_modules and am rescanning the folder to have it catch up with that file. I will see how it helps.

Thank you for pointing out the issue of the files.

Well, this did not seem to be enough (rescanning the folder, pausing/restarting the remote device and restaring synching).

I finally removed the folder and recreated it and, behold, it worked :slight_smile: Thank you again for the quick help!

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