Slow speed from seedbox

I seem to be getting very slow speed and no transfer for long periods of time when file are in the queue to download. I seem to be getting 10MB/s when multithreading with FTP but with syncthing seem to max out a 2MB/s and it keeps stopping when downloading. Ive tried playing with copier and pullers currently that is set to 80 copiers and 100 pullers. Is there anything else i can try to speed it up? This is connecting to a seedbox

Just wondering how many pullers, copiers, and hashers i should set to try and get as much as possible out of a 100mbps fibre connection?

The defaults should be fine. You are probably limited by the CPU on one or either side, as FTP is not really comparable to what we’re doing.

Im finding it doesnt seem to consistently download. There is 150gb in the queue and it starts and stops consistently

As you can see at the end of this graph

As @calmh said: please check the CPU usage on your devices, that is most likely the limiting factor.

Depending on what kind of files you have the spikes make sense, when almost no transfer is happening you may be downloading a lot of small files -> more CPU usage for database operations and similar stuff which leads to slow transfer speed.

Yeah was actually large files in this case. Trying to understand the pullers, copiers, hashers etc to improve the speed a little. The cpu usage on both side is under <5% at the moment.

Have 100mbps fibre for internet.


copiers are how many parallel local copy jobs are used for copying existing blocks to incoming files. setting it to high, will result in HDD not being able to keep up.

hashers are how many parallel jobs are used to read and hash local files when scanning.

pullers are how large the pull queue is, for getting remote blocks.

Is the test file you are using a completely new file? If not, syncthing will use as many local data it can, while “pausing” network transfer.

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I have gone back to 0 settings at the moment. I have read somewhere the 0 settings is so many pullers per cpu core etc?

New files of about 40 gb each is what is currently in the queue

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