Slow scanning on new large files (30-50gb)

I have been a long time user and one thing that bugs me is when adding a new large file , ST runs a scan for 5-10 mins (depending on size) before initiating the transfer.

Is this by design? Ive messed with some settings and cant find a way to stop it.

Its detecting there is a new file and running an initial scan- i understand if there was another version of the file why it would check but if it knows there is no version at the other end, does it NEED to scan?

I find the scan can take longer than the actual transfer which can be frustrating

Any help would greatly appreciated thanks!

Yes, it needs to do the scan, because it needs to tell the other side the block hashes of all contents in the file.

Is there anyway to speed it up?

If the OS is Windows/macOS/Android, you could try increasing the number of hashers for the folder in question (see, because normally it defaults to 1 there. You will need a fast disk that keeps up with the CPU to see any difference though.

It’s Linux, I tried that already and went up to 4 and saw no difference

On Linux, the number of hashers will default to the number of your CPU cores. This likely means that you can’t speed up the hashing process more (except for upgrading the hardware to something very beefy, etc.).

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