Slow scan speed?

So I am not sure if there is anything that could be done about this but I am trying to figure out why my folder scanning speed drops significantly. When I had first setup Syncthing on my unRAID server (i5-4460) and set up my first folder it had scanned roughly 4.5TB of data in about 8 hours. Later I had accidentally deleted my folder from the GUI after trying to setup some other stuff. Now adding this same folder says its going to take 3-4 days to scan. During my first scan my CPU usage ranged between 30-40% and now it sits at 2.1%. Why? Is this an unRAID or Syncthing issue? I’ve tried removing the docker container, clearing appdata and I have also deleted any hidden files/folders created by syncthing and nothing gets it back up to its original scan speed. Am I overlooking something here?

If the CPU load is not the bottle neck it is probably the read speed from the RAID thing, yes. Since it sounds like you’re on Linux, check iostat -x 1 and the svctm and %util columns there. (Assuming it’s not a network mount.)

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