Slow scan on minimal data

I set up syncthing about a week ago in order to sync between three of my devices, no one else has access. I have four synced folders, all of them less than 10GB. My initial set-up was flawless, everything worked fine.

I’m not sure what triggered the change, but all of a sudden, one my folders became unresponsive. It got stuck in a scan state, so I reset syncthing on the device that hosted the folder, when that didn’t work, I removed the folder from syncthing and re-added it, but every time I do it stalls in the scanning stage. it says it’s reading at about 20KB/s and is going to take ~> month to scan less than 1GB of data. While it’s doing this access to the file system through my OS also slows to a crawl. Does anyone have any idea how I might troubleshoot this?

Is it quick if you make a copy of the files in question?

as long as I don’t have syncthing running, yes

Then I don’t know, it basically just reads the files.

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