Slow performance, Only Bursts of 1Mib/s how to increase

Hey guys, I was getting 7Mb/s transfer rates with Bitorrent Sync and when I switched to Syncthing, now I’m only getting slow transfers rates. Most of the time both servers sit idle and only from time to time do I small bursts up to 1Mib/s.

Both are dedicated servers with 72Gb of Ram, Xeon X5650 with good internet connections. I have setup both firewalls with TCP open ports so I’m getting a direct connection and not relayed.

How can I speed up Syncthing?


Has the folder fully synced between these two servers? If so then I wouldn’t expect to see long fast transfers between them until something changes.

How long do these bursts of 1Mib/s go on for? If it’s only very brief then there probably isn’t much data to transfer.

(Discussion on this ongoing on IRC currently, where more info is available. Possibly the issue is connections via relay when they should be direct.)

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