Slow Download Speed from Seedbox

I use Synching to sync my seedbox with folders on my computer. Everything was working perfectly when I got it all set up. Speeds were phenominal when syncthing was working, but I just upgraded my mobo, cpu, and memory, reinstalled windows and set up syncthing again. At first there was no bandwidth issues and my files were transfering as they should. But now the bandwidth is less than 350kb/s. My home Internet connection is 156mb/s down and 24mb/s up. I should have no problem. The only thing that seemed to change is that I installed the asus rog software that came with my mobo and after uninstalling it, my speed jumped to a whopping 400-500kb/s download speed. I’ve checked with my hosting service and they say that there is no bandwidth issues on their end. Any ideas on what is preventing me from syncing my files from my seedbox to pc? I’m at a loss…

Just as a starter, try testing with iperf ( ). That will at least let you verify if you are bottlenecked between you and your seedbox.

I don’t have root access to my seedbox and I am a total noob at bash script so I’ll have to teach myself how to install this on my seedbox which might take me a few days to figure out… Is there something else that will help? maybe something windows based?

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