Slow Download Rate - unRaid Docker

I have been using Syncthing fore while and have been loving it. Came across my first big issue that is really stumping me at the moment and I need a little guidance.

I recently moved from running Syncthing on a windows box to a docker on my unRaid server. Everything is setup, folders set, ports forwarded, running off an ssd and all downloads run through the ssd.

I can’t for the life of me see why i am limited to only 10Mbps download rate on this machine while all my other boxes in this house and offsite all connected to the same seedbox can saturate my internet connection at 100-113Mbps.

I have relaying disabled. Docker is set to bridged network mode (changing to host to to a physical bridge doesn’t improve performance)

Dual Xeon E5-2670 v2 processors 64GB RAM 1TB ssd with syncthing data

pprof debug since cpu never goes above 5%

Does it connect directly? Is it the same hardware or new hardware? How are you running the container? If you run it outside of the container, do you see the same?

Yes, it does appear to connect directly. It is using tcp server and it matches my public ip.

This is on different hardware from which i was previously running it.

the container is being run through the docker interface in unRaid. it is the linuxserver version. I have cross posted in that support thread as well.

The other machines in the house don’t seen to have a problem running Syncthing at full speeds.

I suggest you run it outside of the container, perhaps the containerization environment has default io limits per container. Also check iostat in general.

Wasn’t there a report about performance issues with unraid recently? I don’t remember any specifics, but I think it was related to the storage part of unraid.

There was but that issue seemed to come down to network config, and I had almost the same setup as the solution to that thread already. :confused:

Still can’t seem to figure this out

Everything else is fine, and I can’t find reports or evidence that the container would be limited. I’m only getting 3% CPU utilization locally and remote host thay I’m trying to pull from only about 5-10%.

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