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I am at a loss. I cannot figure out why I cannot get my speeds above 400 KiB/s on a 10MiB/s network. I have forwarded the right ports on my router and opened the ports on my firewall to no avail. Could be the newest version but I was hoping for some suggestions before the new rc1 comes out as it is taking days to download lately. I haven’t changed anything (that I know of) on Windows 10 and my seedbox is on a faster network. I do not have upnp enabled on my router (NAT is) but never had and it used to download at 7-8MiB/s just fine. I am sure its a windows 10 thing but I was hoping for suggestions. Thanks

(Jakob Borg) #2

Did you check that you are getting direct connections, to begin with?

(Chris Prout) #3

Yes. They both show address. Not Relay. But I am noticing that my pc is showing a different tcp port every time it connects other than 22000 which is constant on my seedbox.

(Audrius Butkevicius) #4

That’s ok, as one of them is outgoing which is picked at random. Check for saturation of other resources.


Might be a silly question, but have you restarted your network (routers, repeaters, computers)? I’ve had a router for half a year that started to throw away packets away like crazy after a few days without reboot due to a memory leak in the router software. Restarting was always a magical solution.

(Chris Prout) #6

Yes I have. Even reset my router to no avail. Thank you

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