Slave repository

I discovered Syncthing and I consider it a very exciting project: congratulations!

In my opinion it would be nice to introduce an option to identify a repository as a slave (the opposite of the master). The master repository is a container read only and is perfect for the main data. The repository slave could be write-only, take all network changes and replicate it to disk. If files are added syncthing must delete them, if they are edited or deleted files syncthing must restore them.

I imagine two scenarios:

  1. Data on the main pc (master repository) and one or more nodes as a backup (slave).
  2. Data on two pc (fixed and portable) with normal repository and one or more backup nodes (slaves).

This way you are guaranteed that the slave repository will never introduce changes and at the same time will always be updated.

Thank you for your attention.

I think this already exists as a ticket on the issue tracker in github.

Yes, there is:

Very well. I will follow with interest the evolution of the project.