Skipping folder "foo" - folder path missing

As you may know, I’ve been running Syncthing for almost an year now and suddenly I discovered that one in my 4 users is not syncing correctly. The problem is in the permissions because the error tells that but I tried to restart syncthing, changing permissions, ACLs, etc… Nothing worked. I had also a look at Folder path missing which is the same issue but no luck. Path exists but apparently syncthing has not permissions to create the .stfolder or modifying the files in that folder.

I’m running Syncthing with the OpenMediaVault plugin and it worked good all that time since I came back from holidays, so nothing was modified in that time after setup…

Thanks in advance Guillem

“Folder path missing” (as opposed to “folder marker missing”) means that it genuinely can’t see the directory at all on disk. Either the permissions have become quite restrictive, or it’s moved, or the config was tweaked to point to the wrong path.

Yep, seems like that. When I add the folder via WebGUI, when I type ‘/’, then it shows me all subdirectories that Syncthing can see under ‘/’, then I add ‘media/’ and then it seems like ST cannot see anything else because no subdirectories show up. Nevertheless, I have 3 more users running in the same NAS with same setup, only different folders. Those did not crash. Maybe I’ll have to do a backup, format the disk where the data of this user is stored and re-create the filesystem from scratch…

That for sure seems excessive for what might just be a permissions issue, but I don’t know what you can and can’t do in the NAS interface.

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