size of index directory

Hi there, I just wondered if it’s OK that my index directory is about 500 MB and contains about a hundred ldb files. Well two of my synced directories contain lots of files with 80GB (mp3) and 20GB (jpg). But 0.5 GB index really seems a lot. More than half of them contain a current timestamp. The other ldb files are some days old. Not really outdated I guess.

Update: I read in another thread that index may become big. Is there a way to do a manual clean up or will outdated files automatically be deleted/shrinked when unneeded sometime in the future?

Thanks for a hint!


You can just delete the whole index directory and let it rescan, that should create a fresh new index, but will cause some CPU load while we reindex everything.

Thanks I’ll try this but remove mp3/jpg folders from sync as they are too big for ma little ARM server and seldomly changed.