Simultanious syncronization

Is it possible to have more syncronizations at the same time? I work with big files and sometimes a file of 25 GB takes a long time to sync, the smaller files I also want to sync is stoped until the large file is done. Can I prevent this from happening by adding more simultaneous syncs, and many limit each sync to something like 25 MBit/s or something?

Love this product btw !

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That’s impossible, unfortunately. There should be an issue on GitHub about re-ordering files in real time which would solve this issue (e.g. if you set the order to “smallest first”), however for now, the only thing you can do is either to pause and restart the folder (which will cause the download queue to re-order) or split the data into multiple folders.

To bad, that would be an awsome feature.

I think you can change the number of copiers to download more files at the same time. You can reorder the order the files get downloaded in the web ui. There is nothing like rate limiting files etc, there is an overall limit on data in flight, which might be all consumed by the big file not giving any traffic to smaller files, so you might need to bump that too.

All of these are covered in the config section of the docs.

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