Simultaneous different send/receive-only statuses for different devices for the same folder

My apologies for the confusing topic; let me describe what I’m trying to do.

The goal is to upload photos taken on my phones to the PC. So I started with creating the folder on my phone and sharing it with my PC. Since it’s a unidirectional sync, I put the phone in send-only mode and the PC in receive-only mode.

Next, I tried adding a second phone to this by sharing it from the PC and setting it up on the new phone to be in send-only mode as well. I expected both phones to send any new photos to the PC and for the PC to just receive them.

However, I see that on the second phone a button shows up called “Override Changes” and the status is shown as “Out of Sync”. What am I missing here?

Furthermore, I want to add my server to the mix such that the PC and Server will need to both stay in Sync with each other. I guess the PC and the Server will need to be in Send and Receive mode while the two phones can continue to be in Send-only mode. Will this work? Will I face any new issues? What’s the recommended way of going about this?


In theory you can have multiple folders pointing at the same path with different modes, yet things like ignores will be shared. You could work around that by having an extra directory level (so pc and server shares backups, phone a and pc shares backups/phonea, phone b and pc shared backups/phoneb)

I can’t really recommend anything, back stuff up, try it out, and stuff should work

Thanks for your response. I was trying to avoid creating separate folders for each phone if possible. But it’s worth it if it works without any issues.

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