Simulate or Force Error - SyncThings

I’m working on trying to get a SyncThings setup working and would like to test error handeling. I’ve got SyncThing-Hooks setup, but it just seems to fire for any event. I’d like to run a script after events I suppose to get further details of event.

One solution I had was to simply check for errors reported and if nothing reports, then I can assume sync worked and do whatever.

I was reading the API Docs, and saw this for errors, but it reports 404 not found, and I’m guessing because there were no errors, so I’d like to force an error.

Is there a way to force an error and/or check for errors without getting 404? I’d like to get a reply from API stating No Errors and/or see what an error report might look like.

New to syncthings, loving it so far! Setup was a breeze and I’m already into the “nitty grity”. Appreciate any help!


One easy way is to remove permissions to part of a folder.

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