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I am trying to create the following scenario with Syncthing: I have a LAPTOP AND A DESKTOP I have a folder on each that I want to keep synced with each other. If I change the folder on the laptop I want to see the changes on my desktop. If I make changes on my desktop I want to see the changes on my laptop. What is the best way to do this? I can figure out how to do the one-way sync but not the 2-way sync :frowning:

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There’s some important information missing here, such as your OS and Syncthing versions.

However, if you followed the documents for setup, and if you allowed the connection from both sides, you should have 2-way sync.

It is the default.

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Windows 10, Syncthing version v0.14.49 I guess I should say I can set this up but I can not name the folder what I want and put the folder in the location I want it. It forces me to put the folder under “USERS” is there a way to move that? I would like a folder on each of my desktops that would have the synced materials.

You can type in the full path of your choice, just make sure the ids match on both sides.

I do understand I can type in the full path of the folder I want to sync but under “share with devices” there is no place to put a path to the folder where I want to sync with. It seems to put by defult that folder under “USERS” with no way to move it. Am I missing something here?

On each device, when you select “+ Add Folder” - you have the ability to create the path to the local folder you wish to be synced. Just start typing, and Syncthing will assist you to create the path. Each device must be set up with the path pointing to the correct local folder on THAT device.

As Audrius said, you must have the IDENTICAL Folder ID on both sides.

Checkmark the other device to be synced with and “Save”. Repeat this on the other device.

Once you do this, it’s not possible to edit the folder’s path from the UI. So in case the path is incorrect, click “Remove” to delete the folder configuration, and start again.

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When you press add, it should (or used to) open a folder edit dialog where you can specify any path you want.

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OK this worked. Why I was having a problem is rather than remove both folders and start over I was trying to edit the folders as I now know will not work. Thank you for all the help on this.

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