Simple one way sync question

I have a folder on PC and ANDROID.

I need whatever is in the PC folder to be copied to ANDROID, but once it is copied to the ANDROID folder, if I delete the content of the PC folder, the ANDROID folder should not be impacted. (It’s like you’ve connected your phone to the PC, copied whatever you wanted, and then removed it.)

To achieve this, I set up PC to send only and ANDROID to receive only, and enabled ignoreDelete in ANDROID.

Once the sync is completed (from PC to ANDROID), when I delete the content of the PC folder, it works as intended—the ANDROID folder is not impacted. However, I keep getting an “Out of Sync” warning on PC.


So, how can I make Syncthing stop showing this “Out of Sync” warning? Is there any way to let PC Syncthing know that the files are set to “ignoreDelete” on ANDROID Syncthing, thus not showing this “Out of Sync” warning?

Or is there any other way that I should know to accomplish this?

The permanent “Out of Sync” status is one of the drawbacks of using “ignoreDelete”.

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