simple file versioning, missing a setting??

I recall setting up folders very recently (in 1.13) with simple file versioning that had a box for “days before delete” or something along those lines. I don’t see mention of it disappearing in the 1.14 release notes, and unfortunately all my installations are now on 1.14 so I can’t check. I don’t need the fancy nature of “staggered” …

so - now, when will files be deleted in simple file versioning? If I’m set to the default 5, is it just when the 6th version is created the oldest one gets deleted? So if I only have 3 versions ever, the other versions will be on my drive for the next hundred years? I think the timed delete feature on simple versioning should be brought back please!!

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There is a typo in the code introduced by ffc14a7.

I will fix this tomorrow unless someone else does it first. You should still be able to modify the option by editing the config.xml file directly (or using the REST API).

awesome!! dont need to modify, but thx for the suggestion on config.xml!

For the record, this has been fixed in the code now, so you can expect the issue to be resolved probably in the next release.

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