Show some versioning method details in main GUI

What about showing these details ? :

 Trash can -> #Days or forever
 Simple versioning -> #Versions
 Staggered versioning -> #Days or forever

Job for Simon :wink: ? IIRC, having more than one translated string in one line in GUI being problematic, #D|V [~] may do the job.

It’s already showing too much.

Hi Audrius, why do you tell this? Do you fell that already displayed informations are confusing? Or they make the GUI too heavy to load/update for devices with low resources or huge folders/devices numbers? Or anything else? Example of superfluous info in GUI?

At least what I proposed doesn’t require to be included in GUI update schedule.

Have a good day man, and whatever many thanks for your great piece of work.

All the stuff that is there already takes up too much space.

Yes you’re right, using roughly 20 folders & devices, I often have to scroll. But that is not that much the expanded details that eat unnecessary place : the collapsed view is very fine for few records, but starting with 6shares/5devs all collapsed on a HD1080 screen this requires zoom out or scroll when one expands an item, and IMO there is nothing to do to but switching on a more compact layout starting with some threshold… that will remain an arbitrary threshold. Perhaps an anchored menu bar like the bottom one would be useful to keep menu access, at the cost of more scrolling for devices/shares in many cases. The only thing I’d like to have control over is “My device” that always shows expanded on startup/refresh, what I personally feel boring.

Whatever, current layout being what it is, I don’t feel adding so little data (eg 365d) on a line already there would make the GUI really fatter.

Probably, as long as we are not adding another row, but also, days don’t make sense in some context…

This is surely a matter of opinion?

Would it not be an idea to have a checkbox in settings that turns on/off extra information? I, for one, would welcome extra information in many areas.

Surely the best of both worlds would be to have the simple ‘lite’ interface by default, and for us ‘stat nerds’ that want the extra → a checkbox to turn it all on? Just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Clearly it’s a matter of opinion. But it’s a fact that every checkbox increases complexity, and complexity is our enemy number one in maintenance.

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Of course, I do appreciate that. I just wanted to add my voice. More info is always a good thing in my opinion. But then I’m not maintaining syncthing. :wink:

You are more likely the exception, not the norm, so can make your own custom UI that exposes everything under the rainbow.

I just suggested to read the conf and show number of days or versions on the same line as versioning method, so same display logic. Not a heavy GUI tweak I believe.

Sure, open a PR with screenshots, if it looks ok it will get merged.

I have “git clone” and found this seems to live in index.html. Would this work ?

<tr ng-if="folder.versioning.type">
  <th><span class="fa fa-fw fa-files-o"></span>&nbsp;<span translate>File Versioning</span></th>
  <td class="text-right" ng-switch="folder.versioning.type">
    <span ng-switch-when="trashcan" translate>Trash Can File Versioning</span>&nbsp; <span>cleanoutDays</span>&nbsp;D
    <span ng-switch-when="staggered" translate>Staggered File Versioning</span>&nbsp;<span>maxAge/86400</span>&nbsp;D
    <span ng-switch-when="simple" translate>Simple File Versioning</span>&nbsp;keep&nbsp;<span>keep</span>
    <span ng-switch-when="external" translate>External File Versioning</span>

I don’t know, you have to try it. This doesn’t look valid.