Show RepositoryID instead of Folder name in repository title


I have several repositories defined in SyncThing, but all directory paths end with the same name:

customer1/binaries/master/deploy/sys customer2/binaries/master/deploy/sys customer3/binaries/master/deploy/sys customer4/binaries/master/deploy/sys

In SyncThing GUI all repositories caption are show the same: …/deploy/sys

It would be usefull to have a setting to show the RepositoryID instead of the folder name in the repository caption in SyncThing GUI.

Regards Christian


Yes, that seems reasonable. The reason for the way it is is that the folder name is “friendlier”. That said, people get to choose their ids they way they like anyway, they’re guaranteed to be unique, and they’re pretty much guaranteed to fit in the header.

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Actually, we don’t get to choose the repoId if somebody else shared the repo with us, so I think that being able to “alias” the repositores and have that alias appear might be even friendlier (though more work, admitedly).

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+1 for folder labels instead of unique folder IDs - see #966 I just noticed that “problem” when two friends tried to test syncthing with me and they both named their folder “syncthing” :smile:

Maybe there is a (pseudo-)random ID underneath for key-generation and to connect device<->folder - and the label/alias is on top of that. This would allow each user to change the names of all folders/repos as he wants (and it make spaces, unicode, german umlauts, etc. or maybe even a description text possible).


Yep. The problem is clear.  :)