Should I use Syncthing for my application?

Hello, the following is what I would like to do with Syncthis . Your input will help me know if it would be worth it to spend time on Syncthis or abandon it. I did minimal research and if your input is positive I will spend the time to do my own in depth research of course. If you do not like answering silly questions then please skip reading. The list below is merely functionality that I would like and you can just say yes or no for each of them, or elaborate if you feel like it. You can think of this as a check list or questionnaire if you like. Some features are show stoppers and others are not; so do not give up.

1. Selection of preferred node relays. (Some links are slow or congested, and for hierarchy structure.) 
2. Exclude unknown relays or unfriendly relays. 
3. Nodes may be opted out of relaying. 
4. Each remote node can only sync with one server node (may be helped by other nodes with relay) and not with other nodes; no two remote nodes have directories synced between them. 
5. Any two server nodes may have directories synced between them and not shared by other nodes (relays OK when enabled); no three server nodes sync the same directories. 
6. Each remote node has multiple directories that must be synced with a server node. 
7. The server processes files sent by a remote node; then makes them available by placing them in another directory that syncs with the remote node. 
8. Server node back-end uses compiled C++ to do the processing above and everything happens without human intervention.
9. Must a special API be used for the above.
10. Will Syncthis notify the C++ application of the completed arrival of a file. 
11. Will Syncthis handle files with the same name without over write, e.g. by renaming the newly arrived file; version history not helpful. 
12. Will the Syncthis on a remote node add a random prefix or just an incremented number to file names before upload. (For use instead of the useless versions. In this application file names may be reused for other information, not as updates.)
13. Will the Syncthis on a remote node do heavy pre-processing to a file before upload. 
14. Does Syncthis have a CLI scripting capability that can be used to do the pre-processing mentioned above (working behind the scene with the GUI and without it.) 
15. Will Syncthis allow the back-end C++ on a server node to send a message to a remote node; e.g. the message appears in a popup dialog box on the remote node or by other means. 
16. Will the beck-end C++ on the server node be allowed to add entries to the log file or do it’s own log file.
17. Will Syncthis allow nodes to send a message to the server node with a file when it is upload synced. 
18. Server nodes are Linux and remote nodes can be Linux or Windows.
19. Can file versions or history be turned off or deleted at controlled intervals. 
20. Can I select the encryption used for files, like ed25519. 
21. Can multiple Syncthis synced directories that are on the same server node be mounted on another node each directory as a separate networked drive? 

I would appreciate your effort for the above and I welcome any suggestions or alternatives. I will also consider helper applications or extensions. Thanks

I think you have to do the research. You’re asking others to do the research for you to then decide if it’s worth doing the research yourself. You’ve done so little research you don’t even correctly name the product in your list of questions.

This is kind of rude… Do the work.

If you have specific questions following your research, ask them, and people here will help.


Thank you for the input. This is what I get for using a spell checker that only repeats mistakes, my apologies. Pick on spelling mistakes if that is what concerns you and not Syncthing. I did not ask anybody to do any research for me. I stated my intention right at the beginning. I also stated it is for people who already know Syncthing and do not mind answering silly questions. I also asked if you do not like to answer silly questions to skip reading. I also stated that the list can be considered as a check list. A questionnaire is the smart thing to do if there are people willing to take part in answering silly questions to help you on early decisions. You should have skipped reading like I asked, your reply helped nobody and did nothing but insult me. The smart thing to do is not to waste time if you can avoid it. Maybe you should try it some day. I do not want to insult you back; I would appreciate it if you would just do the check list if you can without doing any research for me. You can skip items if you cannot make a decision

I would like for the maintainer to note the suggestion below and unlist this post from support; it should go in a different category.

People in this support category do not like to try something they are not used to. They do not want to read warnings intended to save them grief. There should probably be a category called something like “First Encounter” for things like I was trying to do. Absolutely, documentation and FAQs are necessary but they do not help somebody who would in the end find that the functionality he is looking for does not exist, after doing all the reading. Somebody like that should be allowed to do what I was trying to do. Others not concerned about the “First Encounter” category do not have to read it.

I am going to try the “General” category.

I’ve moved this to General as requested. Honestly, based on the questionary I don’t think syncthing is for you. Syncthing is designed as a standalone application, and while it is highly configurable, its extensibility/scriptability is somewhat limited. It seems to me that you’re looking for a library to integrate with, which isn’t what syncthing is.

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Hi Max, I did not know that it would be moved so I edited it off line to make it more palatable and posted it on the “General” category my self. The original was moved while I was rewriting it off line. Now the old version appears on the “General” category with the new title and the new version with the new title does not show. Is that intentional or is it a bug?

Thanks Max, I will check it out. I already think that Syncthing is a great product. I will probably return with a wish list of features, or modes of operation, at least. It is a great product to fork from too.

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