Should I upgrade to v0.12 ?

If there is a huge amount of small files (not big at total size), Syncthing v0.11 will take a long time to sync.

Is that any improvement at this situation in syncthing v0.12?

I am assessing the need to upgrade.

You should upgrade regardless — version 0.12.14 was a security update:

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Unless you have confirmed a reason not to, you should always run the latest version. It’s the fastest, most secure and most stable version we have. If this seems not to be the case, please open a bug ticket on that situation.

I have about 800’000 files(10TB in total) in my syncthing folder. Before I upgrade it.I don’t know whether it will rebuild the index or do something others need much time. I can’t stop syncthing for too long. Can it be less than 8 hours? Thanks

v0.12 doesn’t require a rehash when upgrading from v0.11 so that should be fine.