Should each device sync to every other device? (re: central server?)

On my network I have a few different devices:

  • Windows PC
  • MacBook
  • HTPC (SteamOS)
  • Steamdeck
  • Linux server

Should I add every device to every other device? …or should I just add the Linux server?

I’m not sure how Syncthing synchronizes files, but in my situation I’d like the Linux server to be the “main” repository because it’s always available, but I’m not sure if this is the best approach?

Unless there is a specific reason not to do it, usually the most efficient and robust approach is to connect all devices together.

If everything needs to go through the server, then this also means that if the server ever goes down, the whole synchronisation will stop working.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, the server going down would stop the synchronization but I would think it would optimize the synchronization too. Instead of each client needing to synchronize to 5 devices, it can simply upload to the server and then it could push to all the other devices.

This may be the case, e.g. when some of the devices are located on very slow networks, etc., but if we’re talking about the same LAN (or fast connections in general), then it should be faster to download a file from 4 other devices simultaneously than having everything go through the single server. Syncthing splits data into blocks, so it can download the same file from multiple sources at the same time.

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