Sharing folder using API call to the remote syncthing ip:port instead of local

I have syncthing installed on 2 systems A(remote) and B(local)

I have folder abcd on A … which does not contain any files

I have folder pqrs on B … which contains files

I want to share pqrs on B with A. Such that pqrs appears inside abcd on A. The normal way to do this is the change the device array on Bs syncthing.

But I am given access to only As syncthing: I want to send an API call to syncthing on A(A is the remote device where I would know Bs file path I want to share) such that the folder pqrs on B gets synchronized inside abcd at A.

Is this possible … cause the only way I know data can be shared is adding the devices ID in the local syncthing at B for Bs folder.

I don’t entirely follow what it is you propose to do, but you cannot change the config on device B without being able to access the GUI or API (effectively the same thing) on that device.

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