sharing files in a cluster

Should one share the files with each of the other three in a four client Windows cluster, or use a star pattern approach with one as a central server sharing with the other 3, and they only with the server?

I would say that this really depends on the circumstances. For example, if one of the machines uses a slow Internet connection, then I would prefer to keep it connected only to the server in order to save bandwidth. The same goes for very weak hardware that struggles to run Syncthing on its own. Reducing the possible performance impact would be more important in that case.

On the other hand, if the devices are just standard desktop computers, and are located on the same LAN, then I would just connect all of them together.

Sharing with everyone is usually the pattern to use (to get optimal connectivity, speeds, …). Some possibly exceptions are outlined above (and when he says “very weak hardware”, he really means “very weak” :slight_smile: ), another one is if you have a lot of devices (I’d say below 20 you don’t need to worry).

Yeah, just to give some examples, I mean stuff like the very slow single-core CPU in my old Nexus S phone, or extremely slow storage like an SD card or similar :wink:.

Not exactly related to the topic, but I also try to limit connections on mobile devices to reduce battery drain. This would be applicable to a Windows-based laptop too.

Ok, Thanks. Mostly PC’s on a local network now, maybe phones, etc, soon.

Another Noob question, Will Syncthing running on a mobile client such as a tablet, connect and sync to the local network through a wireless connection that it was previously connected to?

Not sure I understand the question: Syncthing doesn’t care about how network connectivity is established. It will try to connect over any connection available.

I’m sorry, I should have explained. So far, all of my clients running Syncthing are on a local network. If for instance, I carry a tablet out in the field to gather data and it has a cellular internet connection, will Syncthing connect to and sync with the clients on the local network through the internet?

You may have already answered it. That would be a plus to me if that is the case.

If you don’t change the default settings, it will indeed do that. The android app has functionality to restrict syncthing to wifi only, and not cellular, however that’s optional/configurable.

I thank both of you, I appreciate it.

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