Sharing causing Reverse Sync to the source folder from the newly created dest-unsync-folder

Adding folder on unsync-PC from 【Android(or, another PC) device(already added on the unsync-PC’s Device list)】 by 【allowing sharing folder】 on the folder>option>sharing page result in a delete of all devices’ folders’ files to the version where a similarly-named(but different with some letters uppercase) in unsync-PC!

  • which version of Syncthing and what operating system you are using
    • Syncthing: v1.27.2, Windows (64-bit Intel/AMD)
    • Syncthing: v1.27.2, Android
    • Obsidian: v1.5.3 (Pretty much Irrelevant but, anyway I provide it here…)
  • what happened,
    • Adding folder on unsync-PC from 【Android(or, another PC) device(already added on the unsync-PC’s Device list)】 by 【allowing sharing folder】 on the folder>option>sharing page result in a delete of all devices’ folders’ files to the version where a similarly-named(but different with some letters uppercase) in unsync-PC!
    • Note that! the following! :
      • ① I’ve already remove the prev-sync-folder named lets’say eg. ObhinaDest on SyncTrayzor, and (also do the forgot-the-vault procedure, similar to the remove procedure, ignore but not delete files, on obsidian) Deleted the whole ObhinaDest folder in explorer with shift+Delete.
      • ② Then I closed the Obsidian, STOP sync, Closed and RESTARTED the SyncTrayzor on unsync-PC.
      • ③ Allow the sharing of the source folder with DIFFERENT KEY on an Android Device, lets’ say a folder ObHinaDroidSrc.
      • ④ On unsync-PC we received the notification “Android Device want to share…”. I added and sync it to a Newly Created、Empty folder named eg. ObHinaDest (which with uppercase letter H). HERE is where the things go wrong!(see ⑤)
      • ⑤ The previous files in ObhinaDest(already deleted) pop up in new folder ObHinaDest, and delete (certain) content (those not in the previous-deleted ObhinaDest folder) in ObHinaDroidSrc since we sync them !! (reverse sync happened)
        • not a single activity or modification happen outside the Syncthing and SyncTrayzor during this proccess!
  • what you expected to happen instead, and
    • The ObHinaDest on the unsync-PC should be sync with the ObHinaDroidSrc on the Andorid device! Instead of the reverse!
    • Since it should be upper and lower sensitive, how the hell this happen? Not mention I delete the whole ObhinaDest including files in windows explore, the original ObHinaDest is empty, how come those deleted things pop up instead of delete them all? (Although none is expected).
  • any steps to reproduce the problem.
    • You can Try following the steps ①~⑤ mentioned above.

This kind of things is illogical, quite insane(brought a lose to me), and quite unacceptable. This means I might face the same risk every time I try to sync a new folder on a new unsync device like the unsync-PC! Is there any resolutions, procedure or other thing that can avoid this. I have Completely No Idea about it. Thanks.

I am not completely sure I understand your particular setup yet to offer any suggestions, but I can clarify that two files/folders named “ABC” and “abc” are seen as the same thing by Windows and Android.

Although Android internally, plus the ext4 filesystem storing its system files, are case-sensitive, the user-accessible storage is a FAT-32 filesystem which is not case-sensitive.

On Windows, NTFS is also case-sensitive, but Windows still ignores case for backwards compatibility.

So as far as Android and Windows are concerned, ObhinaDest and ObHinaDest are treated as the same folder.


Sorry I must agree that your description of events is too convoluted to judge whether it worked as designed, or something was behaving badly. I’ve tried to understand, but failed even after reading a second time. I have no experience with Obsidian, so if you can reduce the report to what happened regarding Syncthing alone, that might help.

Hmm. Sounds like our case-insensitive handling is limited to folder contents? OP describes a collision of the shared root folders.

Yes, I’ve considered about what you said(about the case-sensitive), but still another strange things is: I thought I’ve removed the folder from SyncTrayzor, and after which the shift+delete shall already permanently delete it(refer to the ObhinaDest), BEFORE I do the next sync between Android device and the newly create folder ObHinaDest on unsync-PC.

  • that is, I have no idea what those (should be) deleted files show up in the new sync folder ObHinaDest even if I considered it is NOT case-sensitive.
    • Is that mean the remove operation on SyncTrayzor CAN NOT completely stop sync with folder the original path and will not delete a hidden backup file of that removed folder, even after I do the remove operation on all the device once sync them? (Consider there is a concept call “global State”, is that refer to a file index or actually the backup-files in Syncthing data base? )
    • Or is that means Syncthing cant not distinguish the delete folder with identical name and path (not case-sensitive), syncthing will sync them even the folder ID in SyncTrayzor(folder key I mentioned before) are different.

① A previous synced folder ObhinaDest on PC-A and Android-B. I no longer want to sync them. So I first remove them from PC-A and Android-B(on SyncTrayzor and Syncthing-Android), and then (should be permanantly) delete them in Windows (WIN10) explorer and android explore. ② Some old files/content were in the deleted folder ObhinaDest, lets call it old files. ③ I create another folder ObHinaDroidSrc on device Android-B in same path, with some new content added in this folder, lets call it new files. ④ I add it(ObHinaDroidSrc) to the syncthing list on device Android-B, and then I shared it to the PC-A. ⑤ On PC-A SyncTrayzor receive the share notification, I click on add and create the folder ObHinaDest on the same path with ObhinaDest used to be, and then the sync process begin.

Here the problem occur. During the initial sync process, we can see a reduce in files number and size on SynvTrayzor below the sync percentage progress bar.

  • When the sync progress finish, I can only find the old files instead of the new files shows in both folder ObHinaDest on PC-A and folder ObHinaDroidSrc on Android-B.

About why I create the folder with similar name is because, actually a previous sync issue happened. The issue is about the old files in the ObhinaDest(the previous synced folder) I mentioned in my previous reply.

  • Early before I stop、remove the old folder, recreate a new folder and try to sync them on both device, I find I “can not” add or modify content(old files) in them. The “can not” means I can make changing on the folder’s files, and it seems find when I open all the device sync with this folder(change happened successfully). BUT, HOWEVER! After a period of time, when I open them, the changes gone, and seemed nothing happen. Any modification on in-folder files will return to the version, which is, the old files.

    • I dont even know when this version reverse happen. Probably it’s not just happen when adding new folder.
  • That’s why I only named the folder with only uppercase letter in different.

  • that previous sync issue happened again at about cst 9:00, so… dont know what to do…

While I understand the interest in maintaining some level of personal privacy with the use of generic aliases, combined with (it seems) English as a second language, makes it really difficult to diagnose where the problem might be.

It really would be helpful to see detailed screenshots of Syncthing’s web UI on the PC and Android devices along with as much of Syncthing’s log file as possible (with some redactions as needed, but not so much that there’s not much helpful info left). Copy-and-pasting and/or screenshots of the affected directories would also be appreciated.

Your “previous sync issue” makes me think it may have nothing to do with removing / adding the folder under a (slightly) different path at all. Instead, it seems the folder is still touched by something that deletes new files, no matter if Syncthing actually has this folder configured.

Do you have any other synchronization software active?

Is this the only folder Syncthing manages? Or do you have other folders configured, maybe even for a parent path of the mentioned folder?

If you can reproduce this problem at will, please try to shut down Syncthing when you think it should not be syncing the folders anymore. If you still see newly added files vanishing again while it is stopped, it would point to some other software being at fault.

Removing a folder from Syncthing’s configuration should clear out all database entries related to it. But to be sure, stop Syncthing in addition. If that helps, it will point to something not getting properly removed. Also note that the database is always case-sensitive and also independently stores info about files within different folder IDs. Your “previous issue” however makes me think it may not even have to do with the case-only path differences.

If you do have other Syncthing folders configured, you can also try pausing synchronization for them to make sure it’s not one of those responsible for any synced deletions while the problem folder is not even configured.

Yes, screenshots should help immensely in this case.

I’ve got something new today. Generally I have four device(2 Windows PC, 1 android phone and 1 android Tablet) Sync the following 4 folder:

Last night I Create a completely new folder StarFloraHoshirie and sync successfully them between those mentioned four device.

  • Then I turn-off all the Windows PC and kept the android Tablet offline. This means only the android phone device is on and online.
  • This morning, I woke up found that previous sync issue happen.
  • This means the issue is only(I checked other device and since they were kept offline nothing) related to the android phone.
    • So please take a look on the folder’path in the picture above, is thisgoing to cause any problem by syncthing?

Yet the strangest part is the following:

  • We talk about a previous sync issue yesterday, which can literally comprehend as “Any modification on old files in the folder will vanish after a period of time, the folder keeps resetting its content to the old files aperiodically”.
    • Giving the picture above, the original previous sync issue first happen in the folder ObSFRHoshirie. Let the old files refers to a version of the files in this folder ObSFRHoshirie which any new modification returns to.
  • The strangest part is, I copy these old files(files) to a other irrelevant folder, added bunch of new content to the irrelevant folder. Then I create a new folder StarFloraHoshirie(in the picture), copy content from irrelevant folder to folder StarFloraHoshirie, add to syncthing share folder list sync them with all my four device.
    • As I said above,

"Last night I Create a completely new folder StarFloraHoshirie and sync successfully them …

  • Then I turn-off all the …only the android phone device is on and online.
  • This morning, I woke up found that previous sync issue happen."
  • the very specific previous sync issue happen in new folder StarFloraHoshirie on the android phone device is:
    • the copyed content from irrelevant folder to folder StarFloraHoshirie were reset to those old files(files)!

The copyed content from irrelevant folder can be seem a modified version of old files(files).

  • But the modification happen else where other then in folder StarFloraHoshirie, before the folder StarFloraHoshirie created or sync.
  • The folder StarFloraHoshirie should have no knowledge about what old files(files) is, let alone it is a completely new created/named folder with no sync history. Why files always reset to old files(files) ?

About the is there other synchronization software I used or involved?:

  • I think, no. Although they are all used as a obsidian vaults, there is no synchronization involved (any things like Obsidian Sync, quite expensive for me now so, never used it.)

Anyway, thank you for your help so far.

  • I can provide the old files(files) and copy content from irrelevant folder if we can contact in email or other communication tool(not on forum, I guess, with some private files maybe)
  • I can provide the windows-PC syncthing.log like things to you then(In C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\SyncTrayzor\logs, I guess?). But I dont know if there is one in the android device, so I may need extra help to get them.

I keep the SyncTrayzor on all night and get the Trace mode SynTrayzor log over the issue. This Picture indicated it happened around 08:26:25(cst). I share the Trace mode SynTrayzor log at here. Hopefully this can provide some useful information.

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