Sharing a folder twice, once R/W, once RO

Hi! Thanks for your support.

I’ve got a dedicated server setup. It has a Synctrayzor share, called Books, with a unique Folder ID, let’s call it ababa-babab. It’s folder is C:\Books.

I have about 5 other devices, one of which is my laptop. The laptop connects to the Books share, ababa-babab.

I created a second share, on the same server, called ‘Books Read-Only’. It points to the same folder, C:\Books, and has a unique Folder ID, xyxyx-yxyxy. The idea is Books Read-Only can only send out updates. The other 4 clients connected to Books Read-Only can only receive a copy of the contents from the server, not send changes made on them locally.

Is there a conflict here? Is there something I should do special to make the server share out two Folder ID’s mounted in the same folder?


Should work as intended. Your Syncthing will put in twice the work to index the stuff in C:\Books twice, and if you create ignore patterns or such they will apply to both “instances” of the folder.

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