Share only one folder: C:\

I’m looking to setup my dad’s PC to Sync some folders to a folder on own PC. The problem is: his PC has ~10 folder I’d need to Sync and I really (REALLY!) would prefer not to setup one folder link for each.

So I was thinking to share it’s whole C:\, exclude everything with a .stignore and then use #include to pinpoint only the 10 folder I need to sync. Is this doable? could you please give me a hand with the .stignore ?


It is, but you’ll probably have nore trouble than joy. I suggest you setup junctions/hardlinks to some specific directory, and then sync that.

Wow, I didn’t now that Syncthing had support for junctions! Will surely set it up like that, thanks!

@AudriusButkevicius : I tried to sync a folder pair full of junctions (mklink /J) but they seem to be ignored by Syncthing. I also tried with Symbolik links to directory (mklink /D) but event this didn’t work.

The sync pair is definitely working though, because if I use real files they get synced.

Am I missing something?

Not sure, my assumption is that it should work. But perhaps it recognizes it as a symlink and syncs the symlink.

I have been looking at this feature gap myself, trying to replace DropBox. I would like Syncthing to both follow Windows NTFS Junction points, as if they were the folder itself, so sync content, AND have a selective sync feature, similar to the though about setting the root of the drive as a folder to sync.