Especially on smartphones space is low, but I want all my files from my home nas should by available on my phone. So may it be possible to implement a kind of “shadow-sync” or whatever it calls. All contents of a shared folder is shown in synchthing. The user sould be able to select/unselect, which files and subfolders are really be synced on the device. So, the user has the possibility to sync only that files physically, which are needed at a given time from a shared folder.

It can be achieved with igores. There is also syncthing-lite which fetched files on demand (when it works…)

I tried Syncthing lite. It’s not as I expected. Running both apps doesn’t work with local discovery. Also I have to device ids instead of one. So Syncthing lite is not a solution.

Did you try the ignores? I think it is the best approach (while clearly not being ideal) to your problem at the moment (Ignores Documentation)