Setup of web GUI

Hello, I want to use Syncthing to synchronize files across iPhone, iPad and Windows desktop computers.

Do I really need to set up this web GUI? I plan to use SyncThing from SyncTrayzor in the Windows computers and with Mobius in the iOS devices.

I’m a bit confused about this message that if I don’t set up a user and password for the web GUI my files could be accessed by someone else.

I think there must be some confusion here :slight_smile:.

What you see on the screen inside wrappers like SyncTrayzor is the Web GUI. You don’t need to set up anything separately if you use those. I think the same is true about Mobius Sync, however being a commercial product you should use their own support channels for any questions specific to it.

When it comes to setting a password up, you don’t need to do it if your GUI address is set to the default addrss, because this way it’s only accessible on the local device. If you want to access Syncthing remotely though (e.g. from another computer), then yes, setting up a username and password is recommended.

I’d also suggest to check if you want to learn the basic about the Web GUI itself.

Thank you, I think now I understood.

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