Setup from Seedbox to NAS

Hi there, so i need to set up syncthing to work with my NAS and seedbox in the following way

  1. File gets downloaded on the seedbox folder.
  2. File gets sent to the receiving folder on my NAS.
  3. I would like to then delete the files on the seexbox without affecting the files on the NAS. (I have more storage on my NAS then my seedbox, my seedbox files are set to delete 7 days after creation)

Is this possible? Ive tried a combination of different receive, send only, send/receive but cant seem to figure this one out, can someone please help me with this? I have it set up with resilio at the moment but would like to switch to syncthing if i can.

You could use Syncthing just for transfer, then move the files out of the synced folder on the NAS via a regularly scheduled job for example. Set them both to Send & Receive, and the files will be removed from the seedbox when the NAS moved them somewhere else.

Note though that such a kind of one-way transfer is not really what Syncthing is designed for, and there may be easier tools for it such as rsync.

Ah damn i was afraid it wasn’t what it was designed for, thats a shame :confused: i swear that resolio has been limiting the transfer speed, ill just stick to resilio then, thank you anyway. I’ll definitely miss this nicer UI design :smiley:

Well the proposed solution would work for sure, just not as you intended by removing oldest files on the seedbox. In fact I use something similar to manage my phone pictures. The whole folder is synced to the computer, and regularly I move files from there to some other location on the PC, which automatically makes them disappear from the phone to keep space usage within reasonable limits. You would just need to automate the “older than 7 days” part on the NAS instead of the seedbox.

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