Setup for nomadic notebook

I’m using syncthing to sync business folder (~75GB; ~35000 files) to mobile user. Access is through VPN astablished automatically, when internet connection is detected.

After few weeks of use we found some drawbacks.

  • when notebook is started, syncthing starts to refresh, which runs in this wolume some noticeable time an usually consumes a lot of battery life.
  • when the internet connection is slow, the sync proces uses almost all bandwidth making the internet connection almost unusable for any other aktivity
  • with slow connection the high energy consumption is locked “forever” - understand till battery is depleted.
  • if the connection is mettered and paid by volume, syncthing becomes really expensive

I want to ask if there is any option to

  1. Do not sync on battery
  2. Do not sync on metered connection
  3. Pause syncing when network response is poor

thanks for any help best regards Jan

For 2) Are you using Network Manager? You can write scripts to stop or start Syncthing when the connection status changes.

Thanks for reply. No, never heard about Connection Manager. The VPN is auto-reconnected by in house small program. I will check what the Conenction manager is about.

Delta index exchange should help with that.

Well, maybe the delta index could help. Where can I get version with this feature turned on? Some beta?

thanks Jan

I had a look at Connection manager. It’s no-way solution. I cannot push typical “office rats” to quit Windows and migrate to Linux. Sorry. :slight_smile:

Read the post I linked :wink:

Well … probably I’m idiot, but … Reading all your posts leads me to #2020 … No field with “show all checks” … Well, maybe I need Github account? Setting github account for this … Yes, the box appears … but … no message “All checks have passed”. Instead I have “Some checks were not successful” … well let’s try “details” … it jumps to some Jenkins site … nothing to download as the build has failed (can see logs). … trying previous build … no success.

So, please, could you be so kind and provide to idiot like me direct URL?

If the build failed, it’s not a good idea to run that particular version (because there are probably bugs).

Maybe @calmh can comment on the status of that code.

Github have changed how that part of the page looks since I wrote the instructions. Anyway, that code is missing an important part we’ve realized, so hold off on it for the moment.